Interview with Little Jane Foster of Prince Nácil

Hello, I’m back. This is another book release, so don’t be surprised. That’s what I do here.
The book is Prince Nácil by R. R. Goodwill and it comes recommended even though I’m less than a quarter through.

From the moment Victor Greenwood sets foot in the old farmhouse of Willowmere, Mrs. Whitaker and her family take the friendless drifter under their wings as one of their own. Deeply touched by their kindness, Victor delights them with his stories about the Elven-king Othniel and Jael his queen, forming a special bond with Mrs. Whitaker’s nine-year-old granddaughter, Jane.

But several odd occurrences indicate that Victor is more than he admits to. When the secret of his heritage threatens Jane’s safety, he sets out for the homeland he has long been banished from, to find Jane and return her home.

Unbeknownst to his friends, Victor is doomed to die thirty days after setting foot on his native soil, with only one hope of breaking the curse. But surely thirty days is far too short a time to find True Love…

And now I have an interview with Jane Foster. This might be the first time I’ve interviewed a child on this blog. It’s me doing the interview this time, not Charlotte. I’ve been so busy I couldn’t lend her my brain. More on that sometime when I’m not talking about Prince Nácil

Can Jane tell us a little about herself? 
My name is Jane Foster, and I’m nine years old. I’ll be ten next January. My mama was Grandmother’s youngest child and only daughter, and she says that makes me special to her. My favorite colors are red and blue, and my favorite toy is a teddy bear named Theodore. My best friend is Robert Igo, the boy who lives just over the hill from Willowmere Farm where I live.

What’s it like living with only older folk? 
It’s nice most of the time. Grandmother and the Aunts and Uncle George all love me very much, so I’m happy living with them. Sometimes, though, I wish I had brothers and sisters like Robert, so I’d have someone my age to play with when he can’t come over.

I know you like flowers? What is your favourite kind? 
Oh, yes, I love flowers! Aunt Lillian taught me their names and how to recognize them, even when they’re not blooming. And Grandmother showed me how to take care of them. I think my favorite flowers are red roses, and poppies, forget-me-nots, and cornflowers. Oh! And those tall blue candle flowers–del-finn-ee-ums, I think they’re called. Grandmother says those are poisonous, so I don’t touch them, but I love looking at them because they’re such a beautiful shade of blue!

Do you like adventures? What do you think would be a good one? 
I love the adventure stories Aunt Lillian reads me. I’ve often wished I could go on one and find a buried treasure or something. Or maybe just meet real Faeries and learn more about them.

What’s your favourite thing that your grandmother or aunts cook? 
Oh, my grandmother makes the best jam tarts–and she makes her own jam, too. Really, anything Grandmother makes is tasty. Robert says Aunt Alice’s cookies are the best in town. When I grow up, I want to be just as good a cook as they are.

What do you like best about the stories Mr Greenwood tells? 
When Mister Greenwood tells his stories, I can actually see them happening–not just in my imagination. It’s like I’m really there, in the Faerie-world, with King Othniel and Queen Jael and their children. That never happened when Aunt Lillian read to me.

Do you like magic? 
I don’t like the nasty, evil kind of magic–the kind witches use to turn people into frogs or statues, or that the False Princess used on poor Prince Nácil so he’d be lonely all his life. But I do like the good kind of magic that turns straw into gold, or makes people happy. The kind of magic I can almost feel in the air when Mister Greenwood tells us a story ….

And that is a really good place to end the interview. Thank you Jane and even more thanks to R. R. Goodwill.

Go get the book. It’s a little bit different to what i tend to read, reminds me of classics, but so far it has been delightful. I’m looking forward to the point where the magic is more than just hints and a feeling in the air.

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R.R. Goodwill began writing at the age of eight, eventually finding her niche in the fascinating realm of fantasy. Taking inspiration from J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Faerie-tales, and folklore, Goodwill uses her God-given talents and active imagination to weave a bit of Truth among her works of fiction.


  1. R.R. Goodwill

    Thanks, Brie, for hosting this interview!

    Just you wait ’till you get to Parts Two and Three! That’s where things really start happening! 😀

    • Brie Donning

      I’m about halfway now and the’s certainly true.

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