Falling Through the Cracks

This is something I wrote a few months back to describe the way I was feeling. I thought someone else might find it encouraging. It’s not quite free poetic verse, but certainly not an essay or story.

Falling through the Cracks

Sometimes life can feel a little bit hard.

You don’t know where to belong.

Everyone else goes and does things with friends, but…

You feel you’ve fallen through the cracks of the social circles.


Sometimes it come from trying to extend yourself to much.

Bits of your life are so disparate that the cracks are inevitable.

But you keep trying to do everything and fall right through them.


Sometimes it’s your ambitions that have disappeared.

You had great plans and dreams, but they never quite happened.

They’ve fallen into the crevices between daily demands.


Sometimes it’s important day to day things that aren’t getting done.

A desk covered in papers, writing left till Friday;

Simple things like emailing a friend take forever to do.

They fall through the cracks of stupid distractions.


But the cracks can be mended. You can be pulled out.

There is a rescuer, a mender, a bridge.

Follow his ways, and you wont be lost;

There’ll be no more cracks to fall through.


Right now, I am feeling more on track than I was when I wrote this. I’ve made more friends, I’ve got some ideas of how to move towards bigger plans. I’m still struggling in the day to day, but the worst of the distractions are gone. The rest is just the competition or duties, writing, sewing, learning, and serving. It’s all stuff to be done.


Yep, this is random.

New chicken. She’s called Sylvia after Petra’s forgotten sister in Lady Dragon, Tela Du.


  1. Sarah Taleweaver

    I like this. I can relate to some of it- definitely the second-to-last verse. And I get what you’re saying with the rest.

    Why did you pick the name Sylvia for the chicken? I mean, I get who it’s named after, but I wouldn’t associate her with chickens . . .

    • Brie Donning

      We’ll name chickens after anyone. We got two at that time. The other is named Amber because she’s Amber coloured. This one has a few more white speckles, so she’s more silvery. I could have named her Petra, but that would have taken more explaining.

  2. Rachel Roden

    Very cool chicken names! And nice poem. Even older adults feel like that sometimes. Hugs sweetie!

    • Brie Donning

      Thanks 🙂

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